COVID-19 Update. Due to the nature of indoor close proximity teaching, we are not offering pool rescue and kayak rolling lessons for spring 2021. As soon as the water warms up we will be offering Private Kayak Rolling lessons in Parry Sound again. We will also offer Paddle Canada Rolling Clinics for small groups. In 2020 we had great success teaching rolling in a covid-safe manner.

We are passionate about teaching kayak rolling and have been working on our coaching methods in terms of teaching rolling for over 10 years now. We were honored to have been chosen as the first rolling instructor trainers in Canada by Paddle Canada in 2014.

Our kayak pool clinics which we offer during the early spring months, provide paddlers with the opportunity to develop and hone their paddling, rolling and rescue skills indoors in the comfort of a heated pool. During past years we have had numerous determined students sign up for up to six sessions over the course of the spring. The students worked on everything from wet exits and beginner rescues to rolling, static brace, offside rolls, re-enter and rolls, forward finishing rolls, laybacks including hand rolls, sculling for support and so on. The improvement in these paddlers skills has been incredibly satisfying and exciting for both the students and for us as their coaches.

We know that not everyone has the time to commit to 6, it’s just our suggestion to those of you who want to make a marked difference and improve/maintain skills during the winter. Each session is also a stand-alone session. At every session, we have a discussion to evaluate where people are in their skills and what their goals are for that session. We then split up the group with different instructors depending on what skill you are working on and then work together towards success.

Please note!

Many of our pool sessions are sold out due to popular demand. Other opportunities to learn to roll are through private coaching, or at either of our symposiums, Paddlepalooza Kayaking Festival and Ontario Greenland Camp.

Many paddlers come and take private rolling lessons with us in Parry Sound or with one of our rolling instructor coaches who live in the Toronto to Hamilton area.

During the summer, contact us to arrange private and semi-private rolling lessons. Learn from senior kayak instructors while enjoying a weekend escape on the Seguin River at Harmony Outdoor Inn, immersed in fresh air and nature’s beauty.

We are happy to answer any questions you may have about pool kayaking lessons. Email or phone us 905-399-1216

What You Will Learn

  • Professional rolling instruction.


January 6, 2020

Course Prerequisites

Please contact us with any question related to these trip prerequisites.

  • None

 What's Included

Don’t worry, we’ve got this covered.


  • We bring all kayaks, pfd's, paddles and rescue gear.

What You Should Bring

A detailed gear list is sent before the start of the trip but this can get you started.

  • Bathing suit and towel, if you tend to get chilly, wear a wetsuit.
  • A nose plug is highly recommended, and earplugs if desired.
  • Diving masks are excellent to use while training.
  • You are welcome to bring your own kayak to work with if you like.


January 6, 2020

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It was a great time. The Instructors were tremendous people with vast knowledge and precision execution of skills. We had 2 people In our group whose skill set was well below everyone else. Both instructors showed nurturing patience that not only provide the weak paddlers' comfort but the rest of us with the license to push ourselves at the same time.

Jeff P.

 International Visitors

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